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They can look at the number on each card and identify it, or they can receive some adult or peer help to do so. Related: Halloween Book Making with Kids.

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Fine motor and sensory skills are also involved here. Colors and sorting can come into play here, as well. We used green, blue, and purple monster baggies since we already had them on-hand. However, it would be great to make a different color for each of the monsters on the number cards. Then the kids could sort the cards based on their colors before starting the counting activity. As I mentioned above, I like reusing materials whenever possible. We set up a different hands-on, multi-sensory counting activity with the number cards once we were done with the slime monsters.

I grabbed some black beans leftover from making sensory bottles a while back and put them into a little wooden tray. The wooden tray is from a lacing card set I got at the Target Dollar Spot a while back — kind of like these lacing cards. The printable monster numbers slotted in perfectly along the top of the tray, with the beans in the larger area. We pretended the black beans were where silly monsters were hiding under the bed.

Googly eyes were added based on the number cards, just like the slime monster bags. We also wrote the numbers in the black beans to practice number writing. Click on the button below to join the email list and receive the monster number cards as a free gift. These emails will be chock full of early childhood education resources, activities, tips, and even more freebies!

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Save time and get right to the playful learning with our printable lesson plan sets. This set includes active hands-on learning ideas, book suggestions, and the following printables:. You can also find us on Teachers Pay Teachers. Sounds easy, Eh? Well, those pesky Troggles and Minions are constantly in the way and keep changing the problems wherever they go.

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You really need to keep scanning to maximize your points as who knows where the beasties will put out a new problem to solve or steal away your chance for a candy? If they get to you…you are back on top of the hill, and coming down the equation runs again. This kind of programming really enlivens play and keeps kids ready and alert. Keep on solving those problems to get points! I like how you have to visually scan and navigate up, down, right and left to access the answer for the targeted number.

It challenges your base knowledge, as well as gives you a focused goal to achieve. Soon enough you will battle the big boss himself. But wait…. Nice that there is a scaffold, increasing demands once competencies have been established.

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Music can be turned off in the settings, as all directions are written and meant to be read. I did find it hard at times to read some of the directions as the punctuation was inconsistent especially when the wizard, Faunglad was talking. He talks in rhyme or riddles, and I had to reread the directions a few times to get the rest of his directions. This could easily be fixed in an update. You're not teaching yourself bad habits.

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I explained it to all my friends. Maths is beautiful.

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Shop Kids' Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Overview This monster is finding shapes at the beach. Look, and you will see each: squares, circles, rectangles, ovals, triangles, and stars.

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