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The veterans who fought and died in Benghazi may not have battled under the direction of the United States military, but they're heroes nonetheless.

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This 4K release comes with a digital copy and a second Blu-ray disc that recycles the bonus features from the original home video release. Entertainment Movies Movie Reviews. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. You May Also Like. John Shaft's Advice for Veterans. My Profile News Home Page. Most Popular Military News. Tricare Moves Toward Chiropractic Coverage The proposal comes on the heels of a report that shows chiropractic care can reduce back pain and improve some troops' fitnes BP admits it has made mistakes in Colombia but denies any involvement in human rights abuses.

Special Forces: The Secret Soldiers of World War II That Changed History

BP now admits that DSC trainers wear police uniforms on the rig sites but denies it is providing lethal military training to the police. Create Account Lost Your Password? Toggle navigation Toggle profile. Create Account.

Special Forces: The Secret Soldiers of World War II That Changed History

DSL chair, Alastair Morrison, declined to be interviewed. Politics Franny Rabkin In court papers, the Financial Intelligence Centre insists that it acted lawfully in providing the information it did to the Public Protector. Denel wants to sell arms to Egypt.

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The struggling state arms company wants to sell missiles to the North African country, despite concerns about serious human rights abuses there. Africa Tom Collins Equatorial Guinea spends its oil revenue on prestige projects and not on health and education.

Special Forces: The Secret Soldiers of World War II That Changed History

Africa Nic Cheeseman , Brian Klaas Dictators expand their toolbox. An update of How to Rig an Election is a guide to new strategies used by authoritarian leaders to stay in power. National Bongekile Macupe Students staying off-campus have been targeted by criminals, yet the university has been sitting on money to construct another residence.

Education Bongekile Macupe Nzimande wants to prioritise rural universities.

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The minister says these universities cannot be left neglected like they were under apartheid. Sport Julian Guyer Drop goals, the flared trousers of rugby, back in fashion.

Why is that it can seem as if the drop goal has disappeared from sight between World Cups? Business Thando Maeko Your app being compromised is only the start — reporting the breach brings further frustrations.

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An Egyptian businessman in exile in Spain has been sparking protests back home with his posts. Editorials Editorial It is incumbent on Sadtu to lead the way and ensure that it is having tough conversations with the minister of basic education. New iPhones available at MTN stores.

Iraq War - [ Documentary ] - 2015

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