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Once residency starts, you will realize how great it was to be a student. We hold ourselves to high standards in medicine, and often get down on ourselves if we fall short. We pride ourselves on always knowing the answer.

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If there are two or three changes you would like to see in the way medical education is currently set up, what would they be? Learning in the classroom setting is a very inefficient process. We cram for tests for the sole purpose of getting a good grade, only to lose all of that information when we start preparing for the next one. In the future, I hope medical education can focus on more clinically-relevant information.

Presenting the information in the clinical context is the best way to learn. Problem-based learning helps with retention of information.

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I would also like to see more emphasis on developing skills that make a good doctor. Teaching medical students how to interact with patients, how to build a good patient-doctor relationship, the importance of compassionate care, and the importance of patient-centered care are crucial. We have to learn to treat patients, not problems. You have been big in using social media, with over 75, Twitter followers.

What role do you see social media serving in the future of medicine with more and more doctors beginning to use it? I hope social media gives physicians a stronger voice in change. Like I mentioned, intelligence still plays some part, but at least in my case and I know many who would agree with me , the energy that keeps me going has little to do with intelligence but everything to do with raw diligence and perseverance, driven by a passionate thought of there is no other career in my life that I would rather be doing honestly though, being a stunt women would be really awesome.

Usually, I am tempted to say that I do — well, that my Spanish skills are decent, and if we are not looking for an in-depth conversation, I can get by. Unfortunately, trying to instantaneously translate as a patient is talking to me can be quite tricky. Recently, in fact, I was in GI clinic and listening to a conversation between the doctor and the patient both of whom are native Spanish speakers , while trying to translate in my head.

Doc: Excellent. It appears to me and to you that to me that you appear to want to see results of the scopes.

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This may be a slight exaggeration, but have it be known that I greatly look forward to refining my Spanish during the rest of my career, because I really need to do so. Note: This is never, ever, ever an acceptable Facebook status.

Comfort food Garlic and butter croutons during the week; frozen yogurt on the weekends , Friends someone to pat you on the back and remind you that your life has a small bit of inherent meaning to it. Many times. I was on a two-week block of vascular surgery and was waking up at am to make sure that saw all my patients in time, updated the list in time, began my notes in time, and providing offerings to the gods of vascular surgery — the vascular fellows and attendings.

What I Learned About Interviews as a Student Member of a Medical School Admissions Committee

Anyway, by the time rounds were underway around 8am or so, I was famished, starving, nearly emaciated. On this particular day, I had eaten blueberries and a junky little calorie Special K bar that morning. Naturally I was desperate for food, anything.

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And as luck would have it, the first patient my team and I saw that morning was sitting up in bed, eating a tasty, mouth-watering meal straight off of the gourmet Loma Linda VA Hospital breakfast menu. Pancakes and no-sugar-added maple syrup, with a cranberry juice box and a link of dry sausage. I want that.

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I want that pancake. Contact Us. Share this: Facebook 14 Twitter Email Reddit Send to Email.

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